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Webinars: For Attendees

Attending your first Webinar on Hablo? Follow this handy guide and you’ll be ready to go in no time. If you’re a host or speaker in a Webinar, then follow the guide for Participants instead.

Hablo is much more than just a platform for webinars. Have you explored all of the features on offer to help you reconnect with the travel industry as things start to recover? 


Top Tips:

✅  Use a recent version of Google Chrome – Hablo is optimised for Chrome. Firefox is a good second option. Safari lacks many features & so is not recommended.

✅  Use a Laptop or Desktop computer – Hablo offers the best experience when viewed on larger screens, rather than tablets or phones.

✅  Get to the Webinar early – the Live Chat opens up an hour before the webinar is due to begin. Use this as an opportunity to get any questions for the hosts in early, or to meet other attendees.


Useful features of webinars on Hablo:

?  You can pause & rewind Live webinars at any time.

?  Webinars are recorded and instantly available to watch back after they end – in case you need a recap, or weren’t able to make it in time.

?  Mark yourself as ‘Interested’ so you don’t miss out on any updates – this way, if the host makes any changes to the webinar or sends out any update posts, you’ll receive a notification to keep you in the loop. By default, you’ll get an email if you have unseen notifications waiting but haven’t logged in for a while.

?  The Live Chat is only available when the webinar is live – so don’t worry about your messages being stuck out in the wild forever! The Live Chat will stay open when the webinar ends if you stay on the page. But once you leave, you won’t be able to get it back, so make sure you note down anything important shared in the chat.



⁉️  Something not right? – Hablo is a shiny new platform, so you may be lucky enough to help us find a new bug once in a while. Firstly, try refreshing the page. If that doesn’t help, it might be time to switch to using Chrome if you’re not already. If an issue doesn’t go away, just use the green ‘FEEDBACK’ button on the right side of the page to let us know so that we can help get it resolved quickly.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many viewers can Hablo’s Webinars support?

Thousands, or Millions, or basically, unlimited! The Webinar is sent out as a video stream, which gives everyone watching the best experience that their connection can handle, without affecting anyone else. Just like with other live streaming services such as YouTube, we achieve this by introducing a small latency in the video stream.

How much latency or ‘lag’ is there?:

Once the Host Admin has started the broadcast, attendees will receive the video stream after a short delay of around 10 seconds. This not only enables a seamless viewing experience on even weaker internet connections, but also provides viewers with the ability to pause and rewind the webinar at any point.


Interested in running your own Webinars on Hablo?

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