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Making Your Hablo Profile Perfect

Every Hablo user has their own profile, an up-to-date front page that champions who you are and what you do within travel. Want to give the best possible impression? Make sure your profile is complete and stand out using the information below:


Profile Picture & Header:

Make the best first impression by uploading a business ready profile picture and high resolution header. Here are our recommendations for the best results, but don’t worry, there is an option to crop and zoom when uploading too.

Profile Picture
Recommended: 248×248 pixels (Square)

Minimum: 124×124 pixels
PNG or JPG best.
Max 10MB file size.

Profile Header:
Recommended: 1842×400 pixels (Wide rectangle)
Minimum: 921×200 pixels
PNG or JPG best.
Max 10MB file size.


Your headline should give people a short, punchy insight into what you do. We would suggest keeping it to one or two phrases maximum and just one line of text. Outside of your profile, your headline will be displayed under your headshot in the connect tab, helping other users better understand your role at a glance.

My Role:

This section shows profile visitors your job responsibilities, the markets or regions you operate in and automatically links to the organisation pages that you work for. Not only that, but it is your ticket to being selected for relevant events and other exciting on platform activities, as it helps organisations and individuals filter and find you. So, definitely worth taking a few moments to keep it up to date.


The about section gives you a space to elaborate on your headline and provide a more detailed bio. It is a opportunity for you to promote who you are to the industry and a means to provide interested parties with more information on your professional self and a deeper understanding of your responsibilities and approach – a prime opportunity to stand out from the crowd.


Think of this as your Hablo resumé. The experience section lets you easily list out your travel industry work experience to date and showcase the professional journey you have been on. When adding information to this section, you can edit your position, the organisation you worked for, your location, start date, end date and provide a brief description on what that particular role entailed.


So there you have it, now you’re up to speed on each section of your Hablo profile. Next step? Make sure yours is profile perfect. You can access your Hablo profile by clicking here: myhablo.com/profile.


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