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Interacting with Organisations on Hablo

Organisational pages on Hablo provide a hub of information and are designed to build a two way street of communication between you and the businesses you follow. Much like an individual, every organisation on Hablo has their own ‘profile’ which acts as a gateway to different areas of information for you to explore. These are broken up into several categories which can be found as a menu on the left hand side of your screen:



Short, easy to digest updates from an organisation that can be accompanied by images and links. Organisation posts also appear on your Hablo homepage if you are following them. As an Organisation, you can create new posts from the homepage or from the plus (+) button on the top Menu bar.


A description of the organisation in question, the ‘about’ section lets a business give you some background information on itself, alongside a website link and organisational size.


Some organisations have the ability to create and host public or private webinars on Hablo. On an organisation’s page, you can see any upcoming webinars or past webinars available as on demand content.


Organisations can also create and invite you to events through Hablo. Click on the events section of an organisation page to explore and engage with any upcoming opportunities. Any events you register for will automatically be added to your Hablo calendar.


This section is your organisation’s library of content: Hosting images, videos, information on training programmes and other promotional materials available to Hablo users.


Need to contact someone someone from an organisation? The people section gives you a run down of organisation representatives on Hablo so you can connect and get in touch with any questions or queries

Now you know the basics, time start start exploring organisations on Hablo today and, while you’re at it, you can explore Hablo’s very own organisation page here: myhablo.com/hablo


Logo & Header image specifications:

Organisation Header:
2476×400 pixels (Wide rectangle)
Minimum: 1238×200 pixels
PNG or JPG best Max 10MB file size

Organisation Logo:
248×248 pixels (Square)
Minimum: 124×124 pixels
PNG or JPG best
Max 10MB file size


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