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Managing Your Organisation & Creating Posts

By creating a page for your organisation on Hablo, you gain the ability to create Posts, Webinars and Events that are all hosted on your dedicated page. You’ll also be able to showcase a suite of resources on your page as well a launching trade Incentives that can go to all user across Hablo. 

Building your page

You can start building your page by clicking the ‘Create an Organisation’ link at the bottom of the Explore tab. Choose the organisation type that most suits your business, and fill in just a few key details. You’ll be able to choose your own custom URL, so that you’ll have a user friendly link to share with and direct people straight to your page on Hablo. Make sure you have a high quality logo to hand, as well as a header image that will sit at the top of your page. You’ll need to make sure you have the authority to sign up on behalf of your company, as you will become the page owner. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions and you can have you page up and running in a matter of minutes.

Creating Posts, Webinars and Events

As an Organisation, you can create new Posts, Events and Webinars from the homepage or from any page by clicking the plus (+) button on the top Menu bar. Individual users cannot create these unless they have a role at an organisation.


Posts will go into the timeline of every user on Hablo that is following your Organisation. Posts can be just text or can include an image. Longer posts are truncated in the timeline, but users can easily expand to read the full post with just one click.

To avoid one post hogging too much of the feed, images in posts will appear in landscape in the timeline, so if you would like your image to be displayed in full without being cropped then the aspect ratio should be 1.8:1 or wider. Taller images can still be clicked on to be viewed full screen.

The optimal size for an image to appear in its entirety in the feed is 1128×630 pixels.

Webinars & Events

You can learn more about webinars here. Once created, Webinars & Events will be listed within your own Organisation page. They do not go into the feeds of followers by default, however you can use the Invite / Share button to send your Webinar / Event directly to all or any of the people that follow your Organisation, as well as to your own personal connections. Webinars & Events have their own privacy settings, so you can decide whether they are visible to anyone that follows your page, or just specific people that you invite.

Organisation Settings

To access your Organisation Settings, click the vertical ellipsis (‘burger’) menu button next to the Following button on your Organisation page and you’ll find the following ways to configure your page:

Organisation Information:

Here you can edit various details about your page that you entered whilst setting it up.

Manage Employees:

Use this tab to manage and keep track of who has said they work at your Organisation. Approved employees get a tick on their profile to show they’re a verified employee. Likewise, if you decline a request, this will be reflected on the employee’s profile to show that they have been rejected. Pending requests will need to be approved or denied.

User Roles:

Once your organisation is set up, you can assign roles to the relevant people within your organisation, so they can start streamlining your business communications by making the most of all the many features available. There are different roles available, which each give access to different levels of control – you’ll find more detailed information about what each role can do when there.

Connected Organisations:

You can connect at an organisation level with all those businesses that you work with closely, so all of your staff will automatically follow their page and their staff will follow your page. A quick and efficient way to ensure your community is filled with the people that want to help drive sales with you. You’ll find detailed description of exactly how this works on the Connected Organisations settings page.

Privacy (Public vs Private Organisations):

All organisations on Hablo can choose whether they are Public or Private. You’ll have full control over who can access your page via your privacy settings, whether that’s the entire Hablo travel community, or just the individuals you wish to approve. You can change your organisation’s privacy setting by going to your Organisation’s settings

If you set your Organisation as Public, any registered user can follow your page. Anyone can view your page, including posts, listed events, listed webinars and incentives. (Individual events & webinars can still be made private.)

If you set your Organisation as Private, you will need to approve each new follower. If you have pending followers, you will see a red badge next to the Followers count on your organisation page. Click on this and decide whether to approve or reject individuals. Only approved followers can view your full page; including posts, listed events and listed webinars. The About section is always public. 

Created a page by mistake? If you wish to permanently remove your organisation page from Hablo, please email [email protected].

Now you know the basics, time start start exploring organisations on Hablo today and, while you’re at it, you can explore Hablo’s very own organisation page here: myhablo.com/hablo


Logo & Header image specifications:

Organisation Header:
2476×400 pixels (Wide rectangle)
Minimum: 1238×200 pixels
PNG or JPG best Max 10MB file size

Organisation Logo:
248×248 pixels (Square)
Minimum: 124×124 pixels
PNG or JPG best
Max 10MB file size


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