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An introduction to Hablo

Hablo is professional media network designed to support all areas of our travel sector and help make your day to day as easy as possible. So what can Hablo do for you?

  • Connect – Hablo helps you build your private travel network and find the right contacts to help you and your organisation rebuild, reignite the industry and drive sales.
  • Communicate – With state of the art messaging and conferencing technology, Hablo provides a one stop shop that brings all your communications into a single location.
  • Educate – Whether you’re a brand or individual, Hablo is a space for you to showcase yourself and build your knowledge base through posts, hosted webinars and virtual events.
  • Reward – Sales incentives with play a critical role in the recovery period, so whether you’re launching an incentive or participating in one, Hablo’s built in functionality makes it quick and easy to reward your community or be rewarded for your support.

This user guide will take you through Hablo’s key functionality and equip you with all the information needed to start your Hablo journey and build your travel network further.


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