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Making the Most of Your Hablo Inbox

Your Hablo inbox streamlines communication and brings everything you need for the most efficient and productive back and forth, into one place. Clicking on the envelope icon opens your personal and private inbox and here is what is inside:

One on one messaging:

Emails can be inefficient and impossible to manage, which is why your Hablo inbox offers a much more productive chat functionality where you can quickly engage with your contacts. To start a new conversation just search for your connections name, click their profile picture and you’re good to go. Aside from sending messages, you can also attach files (up to 20mb), react to comments, share gifs and more.

Group messaging:

Group messages give you all the same features of the individual chats, but with multiple people in the feed. To start a group message, click the ‘new conversation’ icon on your inbox contacts panel and add more than one contact into the ‘to’ section. Miss someone out? Don’t worry, you can easily add and remove people after a group is created. Once a group is set up, you can also edit the name and display image to personalise it even more. So, whether it is your colleagues, contacts or a mix of both, use group messages to keep your communications organised, easy and efficient.

Audio and video calls:

Powered by the latest technology, your Hablo inbox also lets you host high quality audio and video calls with both individual connections and groups, just click on the phone or camera icons to activate one. Starting or joining one of these calls opens a new window so you can keep Hablo on in the background, so do make sure you’ve enabled pop ups and, if prompted you will need to allow access to your microphone and webcam where needed.

Now you know what it is capable of, start using your Hablo inbox to take control of your communications. You can access your inbox here: myhablo.com/inbox/


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