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What do I need to access Hablo?

Are you experiencing issues accessing Hablo, or is something not loading or working as expected? Here’s a checklist of everything you need in order to use Hablo on your device.

?Spoiler alert! If you’re here, your IT department / Firewall has probably blocked something. Send them this page and ask them to allow you access to everything on this page.


Minimum Requirements:


✅  A laptop or computer with internet access – Hablo is a website accessible through the internet. It is optimised for larger screens, such as those on normal laptops and computer monitors. iPads & tablets will work to some extent, but smaller screens are not fully supported yet. Mobile devices are not supported at this time.

✅  A modern web browser – you won’t need to download any special applications to use Hablo. However, you will need an up-to-date web browser. Older browsers or versions may not support all the features required to use Hablo. We highly recommend using Google Chrome for the best experience. Other modern browsers will work 99% of the time, but are not fully supported. Internet Explorer will not work. Safari is a fast browser due to it’s highly restrictive policies, so you may find that it will prevent some things from functioning in an optimal manner. 

✅  That should be about it! – You can stay connected to the industry wherever you are in the world using any modern web browser. If you’re on your work computer or using your work VPN and are having issues, then keep reading.


Technical Requirements & Information for IT departments:

⁉️  I’ve read the above but something is still not working? – The most likely reason is that you are using a work computer or trying to access Hablo through your work’s VPN (virtual private network) and your IT department has implemented very restrictive policies that are blocking something. In order to make use of all of Hablo’s functionality, the following must be useable/accessible:

Javascript & Cookies.

Hablo is written in React, a modern & common web language that requires Javascript to function. We use cookies to store essential data on your local device. Without cookies, your browser wouldn’t be able to remember that you had securely logged in to your account. 

Audio & Video Players (VOD & VOIP)

Hablo is a place to watch Webinars. That means we use a javascript video player to play the webinar through a m3u8/mp4/HLS video stream aka Video on Demand. Hablo also provides chat & video calling functionality, so it will need to play mp3 audio sounds through your computer’s speakers, for example when someone has sent you a message or is trying to call you. Video calling is also known as VOIP (Video over Internet Protocol), and some aggressive workplace firewalls may try and block this too. In extreme cases, some internet providers and countries (such as the UAE) may block VOIP too, which means you may not be able to use the video/audio calling functionality.

Hablo service providers:

As with most websites, we make use of 3rd party service providers. This is common practice and means, for example, that we can make use of a secure account authentication solution that has been tried and tested by millions of other people, to highly reduce the possibility of any security flaws or issues. Another use of 3rd party service providers is that we can quickly & reliably load images wherever you are in the world, by making use of Content Delivery Networks, so that even if part of the internet goes down, traffic will be rerouted and served from another location. All of this means a better experience for you. However some work IT departments use aggressive firewalls to block everything they haven’t heard of, so you might need to ask them to allow access to our service providers.

This means allowing access through your Firewall to all of the following domains:



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