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Grow Your Network by Connecting on Hablo

It’s time to get to know your neighbours! So, who is on Hablo?

Hablo is the perfect place to build your travel network by connecting with other users. Whether you’re wanting to explore potential connections or searching for someone specific, there are a couple of easy ways to find who you’re looking for so you can invite them to connect:

  • The ‘Connect’ tab – Clicking the connect tab on Hablo lets you check out some of your neighbours on the platform. This area uses your up to date profile information, such as your organisation and area of work, to help you find relevant connections and make growing your network as easy as possible. The connect tab is also where you’ll find any pending invitations from other Hablo users looking to connect with you.
  • The search bar – The Hablo search bar will always be at the top left hand side of your platform display and gives you the ability to search for specific people or organisations on Hablo. As you start typing into the search bar the page will automatically change, allowing you to explore and filter results.

Looking for someone but they’re not showing up? You can also invite people to join Hablo on the connect page or you can share this link with them: myhablo.com/signup


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